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The Venture Motorworks team will be leading a trail run of up to 15 vehicles out to Waiperous to run the Trans-Alta Trail on Saturday February 4, 2023.

We will be departing from the A&W in Cochrane at 9:00 AM.

Cochrane A&W
23 Westside Dr,
Cochrane, AB T4C 1M1

Registration below is required to tag along

Trip Requirements

To take part in the trip, we have a series of requirements we ask those who tag along meet to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible and everyone can enjoy themselves.

  • High Clearance 4X4 – A truck based platform that has 9+ inches of clearance;
  • Low range 4WD – There should be a switch or lever within the vehicle that allows you to switch the 4wd system into 4 Low. If you do not know if you have this option please contact us;
  • Front and rear recovery points – Front tow points that can be used in a recover situation;
  • Positive Attitude – Things often go wrong off road, keep a positive attitude.
  • Accept the risk of Vehicle Damage or Personal Injury – Venturing Off Road is an inherently risky activity and can result in vehicle damage. Venture Motorworks does not take responsibility for any vehicle damage, or personal injury.
  • FRS/ GRMS radio – when traveling as a group it is essential that we can keep communication with one another, as such everyone is required to have their own FRS/GRMS radio.
  • Food/ Clothing/ Fuel – Every vehicle needs to start with a full tank of fuel, and enough food and clothing for an unexpected camping trip should anything go wrong on the trail. Be prepared for an unexpected camping trip. It’s never a bad idea to have a sleeping bag if we get trapped on the trail.

If you have the following we recommend you bring these with you:

  • Recovery gear (shackles,ropes,traction aids)
  • Air compressor to air up after the trip
  • Skid plates & rock sliders


Venture Motorworks does not take responsibility for any vehicle damage of personal injury for any person who decides to join us on the trail. All participants need to be prepared to sign a personal injury and vehicle damage waiver before tagging along. All participants will also be required to complete an emergency contact form to keep in their glove box in case there are any medical emergencies.


Registration is now full. Please check back later if any spaces become available.

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