Out of Province Inspections

If you are moving to Alberta from a different province and you are bringing your vehicle with you, you will most likely require an out of province inspection before your vehicle can be registered in Alberta.

Who Requires an Out of Province Inspection

Out-of-province inspections are required for any vehicle coming into the province with a few exceptions:

  1. New vehicle purchased within the last 90 days
  2. A vehicle less than 4 years old that was previously registered in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba.

The following types of vehicles cannot be exempt from an out-of-province inspection:

  • salvage vehicles
  • non-repairable vehicles
  • unsafe vehicles
  • rebuilt vehicles
  • right hand drive vehicles
  • custom / homebuilt vehicles
  • kit cars
  • lifted or lowered vehicles

How Much Does an Out Of Province Inspection Cost?

At Venture Motorworks we price our inspections to cover the cost or providing the inspection so that we never have to “find” deficiencies to cover the cost of the inspection. The cost of an inspection is:

  • Passenger vehicles including cars, vans, midsize SUV’s and 1/2 tonne pickup trucks: $169
  • 3/4 tonne pickup trucks and larger: Dependent on Vehicle

If an alignment is required, the cost of an alignment is $149

If you fix your vehicle yourself, or take it elsewhere to be fixed, a re-inspection fee of $79 will be charged when we reinspect the vehicle to ensure the vehicle has been appropriately repaired.

When to Get an Out of Province Inspection

You must complete your out-of-province inspection and register your vehicle in Alberta within 90 days of becoming a resident of Alberta. When booking your out-of-province inspection keep in mind you need to leave yourself enough time to make any necessary repairs following the inspection before registering your vehicle. With current parts shortages, we are finding it can take more than a month to get some parts, particularly for older vehicles, so we recommend getting your inspection done as soon as possible.

How to Get an Out of Province Inspection

Step 1: Bring proof of ownership for your vehicle to an Alberta Motor Registry, and purchase a Request for Vehicle Inspection Form.

Step 2: Call or request an appointment online to complete your out-of-province inspection at Venture Motorworks, a licensed out of province inspection facility.

Step 3: Drop your vehicle off at Venture Motorworks for approximately 2 hours to complete the inspection.

Step 4: Complete all necessary repairs within 10 days, or leave the vehicle with us to be repaired in order to avoid having to complete another out-of-province inspection.

Step 5: Within 14 days of completing your out-of-province inspection, take your proof of insurance, proof of ownership, proof of residency and the inspection certificate to an Alberta Motor Registry to register your vehicle.

More Information on Out of Province Inspections

For more information you can contact Venture Motorworks and speak to one of our mechanics at (403) 910-6259, or visit us in person at 416 28 Street NE Calgary Alberta.