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Align Your Wheels, Align Your Ride

Aligning Your Wheels With Precision & Accuracy

Getting behind the wheel can prove to be tricky if your wheels are misaligned. Many with faulty wheel alignment in Calgary end up having issues with how their vehicle brakes and handles. Not only does it compromise your safety but also can result in consuming more fuel. 

At Venture Motorworks, we understand the importance of getting a proper wheel alignment in Calgary – especially during our city’s winters. There are adjustments needed and the implications of those adjustments affect vehicle handling and tire wear on icy roads. Once winter hits, getting a wheel alignment in Calgary alongside your seasonal winter tire change ensures safer driving for you and others.

Using the newest and highest quality aligner available, we’re a car mechanic in Calgary that ensures precise and consistent results for every alignment service we perform. We believe you can’t rush perfection when it comes to getting wheel alignments in Calgary and take the time to do it right. Our team achieves this by ensuring that your vehicle is aligned with the manufacturer’s specifications and operates as it should.

Crooked steering, tire wear, and abnormal handling are all indicators that your vehicle requires you to get wheel alignment maintenance. Don’t settle for a subpar wheel alignment in Calgary that may cause further issues down the road. Trust us to provide expert alignment services, straightening your steering wheel and improving how you control your vehicle.

Align Your Wheels, Achieve Greater Control

How Calgary Wheel Alignment Services Can Address Your Issues

Straighten Steering Wheel

From worn steering components to hitting curbs & potholes, it can cause your car’s steering wheel to be off-center. We straighten out alignment so the vehicle tracks straight & the steering wheel is centred for better control.

Reduced Tire Wear

Even out alignment to minimize excessive tire wear. A bad alignment can wear out tires quickly or cause them to wear unevenly. Without prompt replacement, it can result in noise & tire balance issues.

Improve Handling

A good alignment can greatly improve a vehicle’s handling & stability by ensuring all wheels are properly aligned. In turn, it can help to reduce not only tire wear, but also vastly improve how you control your vehicle.

What Sets Us Apart For Wheel Alignment in Calgary

Knowledgeable Technicians That Care

Technicians know the impact of the adjustments made on handling & tire wear, & don’t just get everything in the green. An alignment all in the green can still handle poorly. From being thorough, we ensure your vehicle is in top condition.

Top-of-the-Line Specialized Equipment

We utilize the latest and greatest aligner available to provide more precise & consistent results. In doing so, we help ensure that you get the best alignment the first time & every time.

Experience with Custom Alignments

Whether it’s a caster on lifted 4wds with a big tire to improve stability or a little negative toe on your track car to improve turn-in, our custom adjustments can help achieve your desired handling characteristics.

Not Satisfied Until Alignment is Right

Aligning vehicles with significant adjustments or long-term misalignment may require repeated attempts to get the alignment right, even with advanced equipment. With our technicians, we get the alignment to where it’s supposed to be.

Comfortable Lounge

Relax in our comfortable lounge while receiving quality wheel alignment service. Enjoy the comfortable seating, refreshments, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Steer Straight Ahead With Professional Wheel Alignment

Get Back On The Road With Venture Motorworks!

Get Back in Alignment With Venture Motorworks

At Venture Motorworks, we offer the best wheel alignment in Calgary. We know proper alignment helps preserve tire life, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in tires. By getting regular alignments, you can save money in the long run by avoiding premature tire wear and replacements. Our team of experienced technicians uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with safe and consistent handling. Whether you need a minor adjustment or a complete alignment, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Experience the difference in quality and service for wheel alignment in NE Calgary at Venture Motorworks! 

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A standard vehicle alignment starts at $149. Additional fees apply for vehicles with aftermarket adjusters or people looking for customers off-road or track alignments.

Crooked steering wheel, abnormal tire wear, unusual handling characteristics, such as a pull of vehicle wandering. After a vehicle has had a harsh impact with a curb or pothole.

The vehicle will not drive straight or will have unusual handling characteristics. Alternatively, one of the first signs of poor alignment can be unusual tire wear.

Typically, the common causes behind unaligned wheels stem from hitting potholes & bumps along with natural wear & tear of suspension components. Also, not letting springs settle can create alignment issues.

A typical alignment will take about one hour, but depending on the required adjustments to get the vehicle to drive nicely, we sometimes will require up to two hours. Alignments on vehicles with aftermarket adjusters or custom off-road or track alignments typically take more time, oftentimes taking up to two hours.

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